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Anti Slip Solution – Anti Slip Treatment for Bathroom Tiles in Sydney

Protect your bathroom tiles with polyurethane coating and prevent slipping 

Ask any homeowner and they would tell you about the experience that they have at least once in their lifetime – slipping in the bathroom and falling. It happens with adults, children as well as the elderly. Even though insurance companies cover for the accident, your health suffers from this significant type of avoidable injury. This is definitely not something desirable and that is why we at Nonslip are here to provide you with anti-slip treatments for tiles.

Bathrooms are notorious for encountering significant water spills, as well as items such as lotions, shampoos and cosmetics. Because of this high risk of slipping, a bad fall in the bathroom can unfortunately be fatal. When you choose the flooring for the bathroom, you will find they are often caused to improve grip, however, once they become wet or covered in a slippery substance such as shampoo that the chances of unsafe slipping increase.

If you do not intend to replace the tiles, you can always opt for an anti slip treatment for your bathroom tiles, such as epoxy coating, polyurethane coating, and polyaspartic products. We at Non-Slip Floor Solutions provide you the right treatments with anti slip solutions for tiles.

What do we offer?

  • We are experts in providing an affordable slippery tiles remedy
  • We specialise in installing polyurethane coating on the tiles and intend to keep you safe
  • We insist on inspection before we lay any non-slip tile treatment 
  • Depending on the type of coating that is required, we help with the right quality
  • The polyurethane coating is durable with good longevity 
  • We help out with the installation and after-sale service as and when required 

We are a team that doesn’t just focus on anti slip treatment for bathroom tiles in homes, but also in other places such as hotels, restaurants, fitness clubs, gyms, supermarkets, and offices. Accidents in the bathroom can happen anywhere and aren’t limited to the house. Therefore, no matter where you require anti-slip solution for tiles, we are ready to help. With a team of experts that has been around for several years now, we assure that your bathrooms will be a safe place to be.

While bathrooms are our main concern, if you require our assistance for areas as that of laundries, swimming pools, porches, etc. wherever there is the presence of water on the floors, we are ready to help.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have years of experience and expertise in the industry 
  • We look out for new products that are better than the rest 
  • We offer affordable quotes for the slippery tiles remedy
  • We have expertise that would improve the durability of your tiles
  • We have a customer-centric approach where your requirements and preferences are taken care of
  • We assure you the best quality anti-slip solution for tiles in your bathroom
  • We improve the safety of toddlers, children as well as the elderly where they are all prone to slipping due to the lack of proper balance in their gait. 




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