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Non Slip Treatment for Industrial & Commercial Flooring

– Entry Foyer
– Walkways
– Pools areas
– Bathrooms
– Wash area
– Laundry
– Food Prep areas

– Kitchens
– Service bar
– Driveways
– Car parks
– Plant rooms
– Storerooms
– Stairs

Commercial Non-slip Flooring Treatment in Australia

Industrial and commercial flooring is one of the most important elements that need to be considered by a company. Any negligence while selecting the right flooring treatment and technique can have an adverse effect on the overall efficacy of the flooring. Every type of flooring is different and so should the choice of non-slip industrial flooring treatment. Choosing a non-slip flooring treatment which may be not suitable for the situation will be a sheer waste of money and effort. Hence, it is imperative to consult with experts to ensure that the best slip-resistant treatment for flooring which is in accordance with your existing flooring properties.

Non-Slip Floor Solutions helps you to choose the right non-slip treatment for commercial flooring. We have experience of over one decade in the flooring industry. Our team of experts assists you throughout the process. They help you to select the right non-slip flooring treatment according to your flooring type, your industry requirements and your budget.

Versatile Slip Resistant Flooring Treatment

Non-Slip Floor Solutions offers an array of commercial flooring non-slip treatment and solutions for an array of surfaces including cement, concrete, tile, ceramic, aluminium, wood, steel, fiberglass, and many more. Our non-slip treatment products help to reduce the chances of slippage and mishaps at your worksite. They make your premises anti-slip and safe as well as enhancing its visual appeal at the same time. We have a plethora of slip-resistant flooring treatment products for varied floor types. These products set an anti-slip layer on the floor surface and prevent slippage or fall risks.

Safety concerns and flooring hazards

Our commercial non-slip flooring treatment products are apt for those who wish to have optimum safety and efficiency at the site. They reduce the chances of flooring hazards and risks. We thoroughly understand the importance of non-slip flooring and the role it plays in an industrial setup. Even the smallest and casual slip fall accidents can be at times fatal and may lead to great liability in the future. Therefore, we assist you to select the right non-slip industrial flooring treatment to reduce specific risks and inconveniences in the future. 

Specialised non-slip flooring products

We have the largest range of top-notch quality slip-resistant treatment and products for flooring in Australia. Our products will definitely improve the floor traction and lower the possibility of slips and  accidents. Our floor coatings, texture coatings, and microchannels enhance the grip of the surface optimally.

Now you can make your floor slip-proof and encourage smooth footfall across your premises. Our professional slip-resistant flooring solutions are set apart from others on the market. Ask us at  Non-Slip – our name says it all.

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