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Top Quality Anti Slip Shower Floor Coating

Non-Slip – the top name in non-slip shower floor coating 

We at Non-Slip are the recognised leaders when it comes to the non-slip shower floor coating. It is common knowledge that parents find it hard to bathe small children. This is because they never stay in the same place long enough. They love moving about in the tub and play to their hearts’ content. In any case, their bathroom sees a lot of stuff such as toys lying around. During bathing, kids want to get close to them. This is a risky exercise without a shadow of a doubt. This is because the floors in these cases are wet. A lot of water gets spilled around the bathroom during such sessions.

The dangers of a slippery floor

Because of all the additional risks such as soaps, lotions and shampoos, it is inevitable that the bathroom floor tends to get rather slippery. At times, parents also make the mistake of leaving the children in the bathroom. This is done in the hope that they would be safe there. At this time, they do other important work around the household. Little do they realise if their kid tries to get out of the bathtub she or he could trip and even have a fatal accident as well. 

The importance of our coatings

This is where we – Non-Slip – can prove to be of such use.

Our non-slip shower floor coating can make sure that your babies and kids stay safe. It is much less likely that an accident will happen if you have a slip resistant bathroom floor. With these, you can be sure that you would be able to avoid most accidents that happen in bathrooms. These accidents happen normally because of slippery floors. These accidents could happen to elderly family members or visitors as well. With our products, you can make sure that everyone in your family stays safe in the bathroom regardless of how wet the floors may be.

The maximum safety 

You can trust our non-slip shower floor coating to provide the highest level of safety in your bathrooms. It would keep your loved ones safe from most of the trips and slips that happen when the bathroom floors are wet. Our epoxy slip-proof coatings are permanent. You can spray it on the surface of your shower floor and rest assured. It can be sprayed in the bathtub as well. It normally increases the levels of friction in the slippery area. This is how it helps you maintain a proper grip even as you are moving around on a wet floor.   

While you use this product, you must make it a point to follow the directions in this regard. This is especially true when you are applying the product. If you do not use high-quality products to protect your bathroom floor it could be disastrous sometime down the line. The thing with a low-quality non-slip shower coating is that it would become ineffective rather shortly. Therefore, you should buy your non-slip shower floor coating from a reputed company like us. We have been in this industry for long and our products and services are reputed for their quality.




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