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Anti Slip Treatment for Ceramic Tiles & Porcelain Tiles

Get Precise and Top-Quality Anti Slip Treatment for Ceramic Tiles

Do you want your guests accidentally slipping and injuring themselves? If not, do you want to see yourself slipping every now and then at your office or house on the slippery ceramic tiles? If not, then go for anti-slip treatment for ceramic tiles. Secure not only yourself but also your elderly parents, kids, visitors and everyone who visits your place from slipping and getting hurt.

We are the Non-Slip Floor Solutions

We have been catering for home and business owners who need high quality anti slip treatment for ceramic tiles. Also, our non-slip coating for porcelain tiles is not only effective but also long-lasting. We take every step necessary to improve the safety of the floor without affecting its aesthetic appeal.

What are we up to?

All these years, we have been striving to provide the houses and offices with the top-notch services. Not only do we make the floors slip-resistant, but we also ensure that the treatment is anti-bacterial and will keep infections at bay.

Our effective approach of tile treatment includes mop on, rinse off method that efficiently treats the surface of any type of floor, tiles- ceramic or porcelain. Our tested methods have proven to be the best to enhance the friction and combat all the slip-and-fall conditions, especially when the surface is wet.

Technology Behind the Effectiveness

Believe it or not, technology has played a crucial role in formulating the non-slip coating for porcelain tiles. The science behind the working of the chemical is that it works at the micro-level to increase the traction and hence, safety.

We, at Non-Slip Floor Solutions, follow all the possible measures to enhance traction. Therefore, right from using the right and quality coating to ascertaining that the optimum amount is used, is always going to be fruitful in obtaining the desired result.

Keep Safe Everything

During the process of applying non-slip coating for porcelain tiles, we take care of everything that comes our way. Therefore, irrespective of the treatment type – linoleum, metal, coated – we take care of all the substances surrounding the place. It would increase the longevity, durability of the carpets and tile surface.

Key Highlights of our Coating Process

We take care of your every need. Therefore, we make sure that with the minimum use of the treatment solution, the porcelain tiles are made anti-slip. With the quality solution, the spread is maximum making it exclusive and one of the most budget friendly.

We cater to anti-slip treatment at any place wherever there could be a slip on the floor. We cater to various houses and commercial complexes. However, the following are some of the sites where provide outstanding floor coating services—

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Poolside
  • Schools
  • Health Care Centres
  • Residential, Commercial, or office premises

Why Us?

A proper and durable treatment can only be provided by experts who perform a thorough pre and post treatment. Our experts, with their years of experience in the field, will deliver you a floor that is non slip as well as complying with any specifications.

Get in touch with us for anti-slip coating for porcelain tiles. We are always going to provide you with the best services. Our aim has always been to secure the life of every individual.




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