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Cost-Effective Non-Slip Floor Cleaners in Australia

Non-slip floor cleaner is essential for buildings with a large amount of foot traffic. Our quality non-slip floor cleaning chemical ensures your floors are kept sparkling clean yet guarantee they won’t be slippery and cause accidents. Non-slip floor cleaner is perfect for high traffic areas where people are moving quickly, such as hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants, food processing, retail stores, hotels, common areas, pools, wet areas, workshops, mechanical garages, carparks, conference centers marine, surf & rescue & many more.

Now it is easy to maintain the efficacy of your non-slip floor tiles with our superior quality non-slip floor cleaner. Made from superior quality non toxic chemicals, this non-slip floor cleaner provides you optimum quality without much effort. It helps you to correctly maintain the non-slip treated floors. This non-slip floor cleaner gives your floor the distinct sheen and adds to its aesthetic appearance. It helps you to get neat and clean sparkling floors effortlessly. A daily floor-cleaning regime will not only improve the appearance of your bathroom but will add to its endurance. Now get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust on your floor with our non-slip floor cleaner. We strive to maintain the quality of our products. All our products are quality checked and comply with Australian standards.

Some of the advantages of our non-slip floor given are mentioned below:

  • Sparkling Floor: The non-slip floor cleaner provides you with sparkling clean & disinfecting floors flawlessly. It also helps you to maintain the hygiene of your bathroom & other areas.
  • Suitable for daily floor cleaning: You can use our non-slip floor cleaners regularly. It is made from biodegradable and environment friendly material. This product does not cause any harm to your treated floors.
  • Affordable: Our non-slip floor cleaner is a cost-effective floor cleaning solution.

Our non-slip floor cleaner is used and applied the same way as other floor cleaners and doesn’t need any fancy steps or procedures to work. This daily cleaner and degreaser is the perfect addition to non-slip treated floors and works best when used as part of a regular floor cleaning program. It leaves the floor residue-free and clean, removing soil, grease, and other contaminants from deep within the surface pores – all leading to increased traction!

Our floor cleaner is biodegradable, perfect for businesses who worry about their environmental footprint. We strive to maintain high levels of quality service and aim to keep your floors safe and clean. Contact us today to inquire about which regular floor maintenance program will suit your non-slip floor, or simply to discuss our non-slip floor cleaning products.

Our one cleaner can be used for various applications from floor, sanitizing, disinfectant, soap scum, removal of urine stains and smells and more.




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