Supa Seal Penetrative Sealer 20L

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20 Litre Supa Seal Penetrative Sealer A Water Bourne Product That does not have any residue to buff out and does not alter the WET coeficient of Friction of the substrate.

Technical Information



Protective Impregnation


Product Description:

SUPER SEAL PENETRATIVE  Impregnation is a state of the art product which uses a high quality Silane technology, to produces a protective impregnation*.

This easy to apply, environmentally friendly, non-yellowing impregnation is designed for interior and exterior applications.





-           Protection against oil, grease and chemicals**

-           allows substrate to breathe

-           fast drying

-           water repellent

-           easy to clean

-           self cleaning properties

-           microbial growth retarding

-           no change in substrate colour *

-           no change in Wet traction readings

-           UV resistant


* when following application procedure

** extra coats will improve these properties, If the impregnated substrate is damaged or worn away, loss of repellent properties will occur



Application on:



brick / clinker

unglazed tiles

sand limestone

some natural stones such as granite and marble

mineral plaster

Non Oil based or Acrylic Paints. (Only Water Based Paints)

Coverage: Coverage will depend on porosity of tiles, temperature and method of application. Approximate coverage is as follows: • Terracotta Tiles – 8-10 square meters per litre • Slate – 8-10 square meters per litre • Tessellated Tiles – 12-15 square meters per litre • Limestone – 6-8 square meters per litre • Granite – 8-10 square meters per litre • Marble – 8-10 square meters per litre • Sandstone – 6-8 square meters per litre • Porcelain – 15-30 square meters per litre • Concrete pavers – 8-10 square meters per litre  



Product Characteristics:

Active Ingredients:                   Proprietary Silane technology

Colour:                                     clear

Active ingredient :                    8 – 10%

Touch dry:                               2 –  60 mins

Density:                                    1.03

Odour:                                     none

Super Seal Penetrative Water Bourne Sealer

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