Anti Slip Products - Keeping The World on Its Feet

Slippery floors are a hazard for customers and employees and can cause a large range of accidents and injuries every year in the workplace. Work efficiency and quality are compromised when employees must be careful about keeping their footing, especially in businesses that rely on speed and efficiency, such as kitchens. We offer a wide variety of quality non-slip floor solutions and treatments designed to stop accidents and injuries because of slips.

We can treat existing slippery floors and coat them in non-slip treatments to increase traction. This is an affordable solution to slippery, dangerous floors and is cheaper than replacing the entire floor with new flooring.

We can treat a wide variety of floorings and recommend non-slip flooring for a wide range of buildings, including aeroplane hangars, athletic facilities, office, schools, gyms, automotive showrooms, and more!

Our environmentally safe sealer is available to be applied after non-slip treatments and will protect your flooring from water, grease, wine, and other stains. This sealer is perfect for commercial kitchens, restaurants, homes, or child care centres. Our safe sealer is easy to use, easy to clean, dries fast, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.

Our anti slip products are created with care, the environment, and the consumer in mind. We want to make your floor surfaces safer, cleaner, and easier to manage. We supply a variety of coatings and treatments that will help you attain your goal of safe efficiency. Call us today for a free estimate!