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The new revolution in Non Slip Flooring and Cleaning

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    Leading Supplier of Non Slip Tile Treatments & Cleaning Solutions

    The new revolution in Non-Slip Flooring & Cleaning. At Non-Slip floor solutions, our primary objective is the SAFETY of the general public.

    We are dedicated to making your floor SAFER and CLEANER for your Staff and Guests to work and walk on through comprehensive non-slip tile coating solutions.

    We are the leaders in providing superior quality of epoxy, Industrial floor, protective coatings & sealers. We offer a wide range of cleaning and sealing solutions. We strive to maintain the quality of products and ensure maximum client satisfaction. Our team uses modern techniques and technology for non-slip floor tile treatment & coatings. Now get your floor treated with a non-slip tile treatment to ensure zero bathroom, pool or wet area casualties.

    Our team of experts recommend the best purified epoxy floor cleaner to efficiently clean the disinfection of your floor. The cleaning chemicals are wisely chosen at Non-Slip floor solutions after years of case study. The non-slip tile treatment is extremely beneficial to help you to secure your bathroom, pool or wet areas which adds more value to your home or work. If you are reluctant to replace your existing floor tiles, you can choose a non-slip floor treatment, which will increase the wet slip traction to Australian standards of slip resistance on your existing floors. We not only offer a variety of non-slip Flooring solutions like treatments, sealers & Industrial coatings but we also supply a variety of protective coatings for various surfaces. Our range of cleaning and sealing coatings options is vast and impressive.

    We service various industries like residential, strata, hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants, food processing, retail stores, hotels, common areas, pools, wet areas, workshops, mechanical garages, carparks, conference centers, marine, surf & rescue & many more.

    Qualities which makes us the most preferred non-slip flooring & protective coating solution provider for our:

    1. Extensive knowledge of the industry
    2. Constant endeavour to introduce new and advanced products
    3. Commitment for best quality
    4. Affordable pricing
    5. Expertise in this field
    6. Customer-centric approach

    Australian Standards for Slip-Resistance are in place for a reason; hence our products are OH&S compliant and cost-effective. Our team of experts makes sure to understand all your requirements and expectations. They suggest the best suitable non-slip flooring solution for the desired result.

    We supply and install most Non-Slip Epoxy, Polyurethane, MMA, Polyaspartic, protective coatings & tile treatment products.

    We manufacture the best cleaning chemicals that are 100% biodegradable and non-Corrosive suitable for all non-slip flooring, sanitizing, disinfectant, easy soap scum removal, Calcification or efflorescence removal and more.

    We also manufacture and supply and apply the best Water Based penetrative sealer that outperforms any other in the market.

    We have qualified and experienced chemists with extensive Research & Development hours up their sleeves.

    Our Staff are Certified floor safety technicians and have extensive knowledge in coatings and sealers. We have Public liability, professional indemnity and product liability insurances in place.


    Slippery When Wet? Unsafe to Walk On? In Need of Maintenance?

    Then Let NON-SLIP Tailor A Solution for You.

    We can make your existing Tiled surface Non-Slip for a fraction of the cost of a new Floor

    Warranty: 3 to 5 years

    non-slip floor & protective coatings, tile treatments, Cleaning chemicals & accessories.

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    Request a Free Measure & Quote

    Complete the form below and we’ll arrange a free quote with a Non Slip expert.



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