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Australia’s Best Quality Epoxy Floor Coating

Non-Slip – the best in epoxy coating 

Non-Slip has been one of the best companies in Australia when it comes to epoxy floor coating. Much of the credit, in this case, goes to our team that has evolved in the last few years. This growth has allowed us to venture into new areas of construction. Apart from epoxy coatings, we also provide concrete care and waterproofing as well.

Our team has immense knowledge of the various treatments that are used in these cases. Armed with proper expertise and experience, our team of technicians would do the best job in treating surfaces, tiles, and floors.  

This means that you get the best epoxy floor coating services from us at Non-Slip. You get all the expertise, attention, and care that your project deserves.

Our experience in Epoxy coatings

In our journey so far, we have been involved in practically all the areas in the construction sector in Australia. Dare we say that this has made us more confident about the abilities that we have. This is the reason why we can easily take up any project that you have for us. 

The best products and suppliers

You can be sure that when you call us you get only the best products and that too from the best suppliers in Australia. The technical support that we receive from these companies has empowered us. Therefore, we can provide you – our beloved clients – high-quality service. We have built a strong reputation in providing optimum non slip surfaces throughout Australia backed up with the best warranties in the industry. This is the kind of service that we are known for in the first place. You can be confident when you engage with us, that we are highly professional and have the necessary knowledge and expertise for any job. We have a long list of happy clients who have come to us for our epoxy coating services. 

We have worked with some of the top entertainment venues, hospitals, corporate entities, hospitality services providers. This should give you a fair indication of how good we are in the first place.   

Our products and services

Following are our top products and services in this segment:

  • epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings
  • safety compliant non-slip epoxy coatings 
  • cementitious and epoxy screeds or toppings
  • protective coatings 
  • chemical resistant coatings
  • surface preparation

Some advantages of our products

Our products come with many advantages. These are self-priming products, which means that you do not need to use extra primers in this regard. 

Our epoxy coating products have 100% solid content and there are no VOCs over here. This means that they comply with the Greenstar environmental building criteria. You can apply our products on concrete that is a bit damp as well. This is a non-taint application that we are talking about over here. Our covering product also comes in a wide range of colours. You get them factory tinted and in colour packs. You can get them in as much quantity as you want to. The quality of our products can be gleaned from the fact that you can use them in areas where you prepare food.




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