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Non Slip Stair Treads - Long Term, Attractive, Stair Safety Solution Now in Sydney

In buildings with lots of stair traffic, it’s essential to have high-quality non-slip stair treads. Non-slip stair treads ensure staff and visitors don’t accidentally slip down the stairs and get injured. Our affordable non-slip stair treads suit any style of stair and are available to be installed or cut to size.

Our non-slip stair treads are perfect for any business with a large amount of foot traffic on stairs, including hospitals, schools, churches, cafeterias, office buildings, factories, warehouses, and more.

We provide spools of non-slip stair treads, so you can measure and cut them yourself as needed, or you can order them with pre-determined measurements and cuts. These high-quality treads are then glued directly to the edge of the steps, guaranteeing a non-slip step for all traffic. These treads not only help prevent accidents and injuries, but they can also help businesses meet building and safety requirements at affordable prices. Our high-quality non-slip stair treads are designed to last through extensive wear and tear.

Contact us today to inquire about our affordable, high-quality range of non-slip stair treads or to discuss other non-slip flooring options we have available for your business.

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